You can see the advertisements saying ‘We are the best dentistry in Minsk’ everywhere in Minsk. And not only in Minsk, but all over Belarus! But when it comes to such a delicate issue as tooth restoration, not every Minsk dentistry can provide help.

Our Family Dentistry Centre can! We provide an array of dental services, such as general dentistry for adults and children, oral surgery, orthopedics (crowns, bridges, dentures, implants). Our special feature is the use of local and general anesthesia. Pain-free dentistry - it's us!

Some details about prosthetic treatment:

A prosthodontist deals with prosthetic procedures. This specialist chooses the type of tooth prosthetic procedure suitable for each person individually as there are lots of tiny aspects that determine the appropriate treatment.

Today prosthetic treatment includes

  • veneers, inlays, and onlays
  • dentures, crowns and bridges;
  • implant treatment.

Of course, tooth replacement treatment causes as much fear as toothache. In our dental centre we have learned to cope with this problem! We use modern anesthesia methods with high-quality drugs. A prosthodontist determines the indications and contraindications to the prosthetic procedure. An anesthesiologist decides on the possibility of using general or local anesthesia, indications and contraindications to it.

Prices for prosthetic treatment in Minsk

Another important factor is the prices for treatment. You can say that the cost of prosthetic treatment is very high, and there is also anesthesia to be paid for...

In tooth replacement treatment, we use only the highest-quality materials. We believe that Your comfort and lack of pain are much dearer. And, after the treatment, you are sure to say that it is not as bad as it seemed in the beginning. Contact us and join the army of people with beautiful smiles!

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