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Painless treatment of teeth is a reality!

The dentistry’s scope of operations is determined by the dental clinic. And Family Dentistry Centre is the best proof of this. Its staff has gone far beyond the capabilities of traditional dentistry. They not only provide quality dental treatment but also do it without pain.

LLC MedExpert operates the clinic’s activities, whose motto is treatment should not be stressful. All Family Dentistry Centre’s services follow this rule.

Pediatric Dentist

This specialist’s priority tasks are

  • to identify and consider the link between the child's dental needs and his or her development and general medical history;
  • to provide diagnostic services in a comfortable friendly environment;
  • to provide pain-free tooth treatment and extraction supervised by an anesthesiologist who chooses an anesthetic depending on each patient’s medical history and treatment plan;
  • to advise on oral hygiene, appropriate teeth care, bite correction.

Unlike local anesthesia, general anesthesia allows a pediatric dentist to achieve the maximum effect. The dentist is not distracted to reassure a scared kid; salivation and tongue movement do not interfere with treatment. The focus is on the treatment process. Within one hour’s visit, dozen problems can be fixed.

Stress- and Pain-Free Dental Treatment

Children experience no stress. Falling into deep sleep gets rid them from painful experiences. Having fallen asleep without fear, the little patient wakes up in the same peaceful state, but healthy by then. After the procedure, they do not experience any painful symptoms associated with, for example, injection into the gum.

The next time the parents do not have to spend hours to talk their precious child into going to the dentist. The only important rule: do not to give children (including babies) any food or drinks 3 hours before a visit to the dentist. After the procedure, the child needs proper rest.

In the future, a patient with no dental phobia can have their teeth treated without anesthesia. But it is most likely that they won’t need dental treatment as thanks to lack of fear regular visits to the dentist will prevent serious problems.

General Dentistry

Dental care for adults and children is provided in a caring manner - under anesthesia. Here is the list of pain-free dental procedures:

  • treatment of dental problems: periodontitis, pulpitis, caries;
  • root canals;
  • aesthetic teeth restoration;
  • ultrasonic scaling with mandatory teeth polishing;
  • fissure sealants;
  • tooth mobility treatment;
  • gum treatment;
  • oral mucosal treatment;
  • pre-prosthetic preparation;
  • professional oral hygiene;
  • teeth retreatment after going to another medical centres.

General anesthesia allows us to perform all the procedures during one visit. Anesthesia has both soothing and psychological effect. It solves the problems associated with allergy to local anesthetics or pathological gag reflex.

The advanced drugs we use for general anesthesia is as safe as local anesthetics. All the questions of their appropriateness and dosage are solved together the dentist and the anesthesiologist. During the sleep and after waking up the patient is under both professionals’ close supervision.

Restoration Treatment in Minsk

Here, in our centre, the replacement of lost or damaged teeth may be performed by several methods. Depending on each individual case, the prostheses can be:

  • removable;
  • fixed;
  • implants;
  • veneers, inlays, onlays.

We use high quality materials for prosthetic treatment and advanced pain-relief medications during this procedure. A thorough orthodontic exam helps to assess the possible contraindications to prosthetic treatment.

An experienced anesthesiologist chooses pain-relief drugs for each patient individually.