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Nowadays, dental tourism is not a rarity. This is explained by the fact that the quality and cost of services vary greatly depending on the country, region, and clinic. However, inexpensive dental treatment in a particular region does not mean low quality.

One of the most popular dental tourism destinations is Belarus. Several factors explain such a popularity. Dental treatment in Belarus is twice as cheap as that in the CIS and Baltic countries and 3-4 times cheaper than in other EU countries. In addition, Belarus is known as a country of conscientious people, whose achievements in various fields are appreciated all over the world.

The reviews left by the patients show that the prices for dental treatment in Belarus are 1.5-2.5 times lower than those in Russian clinics, for example. Economic gains are particularly significant in case of cost-intensive procedures - for example, prosthetic treatment.

The advantages of dental treatment in Belarus

In addition to the relatively low cost of dental services in Belarus, dental treatment in Belarus has a number of other advantages:

  • the country’s geographically convenient location;
  • moderate climate - it is easy to acclimatize;
  • great transport infrastructure;
  • qualified Belarusian dentists who do regularly training in the Western clinics;
  • private clinics in Belarus employ only highly-qualified experienced dentists;
  • state-of-the-art facilities, European equipment and materials in clinics;
  • a complete range of dental services provided by Belarusian clinics;
  • licensed services;
  • guarantee of service quality and patients’ safety.

Pricing is absolutely transparent. The cost is calculated individually for each patient depending on the individualized treatment plan, according to the actual list price at the time of treatment.

Dental services in Belarusian clinics

Before starting the treatment in a Belarusian clinic, teeth are examined by one of the diagnostic procedures:

  1. X-ray -shows an area of 1-2 teeth, done quickly and with minimal radiation exposure;
  2. panoramic X-ray shows both jaws condition, assessed with the help of special programs;
  3. computed tomography (including 3D) allows creating a detailed model of dental system to help to make the most accurate diagnosis.

The results of the examination influences a treatment plan. Clinics in Belarus perform all types of medical procedures:

  • general dentistry (treat caries and its complications, restore teeth);
  • aesthetic dentistry (whitening, veneers, etc.);
  • orthodontics (braces made of different materials - plastic, metal, aesthetic brackets);
  • orthopedics (dentures, crowns);
  • periodontics (complex therapy, splinting, tartar removal, etc.);
  • oral surgery (extractions and teeth preservation procedures, implants, jawbone grafting, etc.).

All work is done at the highest level of quality. Most people received dental treatment in Belarus leave positive reviews. They stress the dentists’ high expertise and staff’s compassionate attitude.

Implant treatment under general anesthesia

Dental anxiety is a significant issue even among adults. Local anesthesia completely relieves pain, but sometimes this may be not enough. In such cases, general anesthesia is used.

In Belarus, to get an anesthesia permit the clinic should meet the strictest requirements, so this service is not available everywhere. During the procedures under general anesthesia close and constant monitoring of the patient's condition is required to ensure the treatment safety. Our Family Dentistry Center is one of the highly qualified clinics with a general anesthesia license, which speaks volumes about the clinic.