The use of general anesthesia in dentistry (including pediatric dentistry) is a common practice all over the world. Completely safe, advanced drugs ensure its safety. The advantages of anesthesia in dentistry are obvious: dental treatment under general anesthesia takes much less time than that under local anesthetic - the dentist is able to work as efficiently as possible. The state of "sleeping" child or adult is constantly monitored by the highly qualified anesthesiologist and dentist.

Anesthesia in dentistry has been used almost as long as medical anesthesia. And it has been well studied. The dental centre’s patient can be fully confident of safety during dental treatment and immediately after recovery from anesthesia.

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In our country there are special, stringent requirements for dental centres / clinics that use general anesthesia for dental treatment. Not every dental centre meets these requirements. To obtain a license for such procedure, it is necessary to have equipment to monitor and control the patient's condition.

In addition to this equipment, the dental clinic should have an in-house anesthesiologist. Advanced technical equipment and professional level of dentists are additionally evaluated. Only then, it is possible to apply for licences for tooth extraction and treatment under general anesthesia.

We treat teeth under general anesthesia

Only the best medical facilities can obtain a license for dental treatment under general anesthesia, which ensures excellent quality to their patients.

Such difficulties with getting a licence have a reasonable explanation. After all, one of the most important factors of quality care is patient safety.

The clinic staff’s professional qualities are foremost here – the more accurately and competently they will assess the patient’s health condition, the more successful dental treatment under general anesthesia will be.

This very concern for health of people who will be treated at dental centres not only in Minsk, but also in other cities, forces the Ministry of Health of Belarus to impose such requirements. Patients choosing dental treatment under general anesthesia can be sure that they won’t have any negative experiences. Their health will not be damaged by the use of general anesthesia. This is particularly important when it comes to pediatric dentistry.

Family Dentistry Centre has such license! Thus, you can rely on professional and qualified assistance of our specialists.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia

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