Family Dentistry Centre provides the public with dental services:

  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • General dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Anesthesia and critical care

Dental Treatment under Anesthesia. Implants. Crowns, Dentures

To provide these services we have fulfilled and constantly follow all the complicated requirements and regulations of the current legislation. We obtained the license of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Family Dentistry Centre is one of the selected private centres that has an anesthesia licence (anesthesia and critical care) and specializes in providing dental services to the public: teeth treatment, extractions, dental implants and crowns/dentures, tongue-tie surgery (etc.) under intravenous anesthesia (general anesthesia) or sedation. We provide dental services to children and adults.

You might have already tried to find "your" dentist, good physician, qualified pediatrician, or neurologist. You asked your friends for recommendations and did some research on doctors, asked the questions and discussed the results of the treatment prescribed by them before entrusting your or your child’s health to someone. Undoubtedly, finding a good dentist is worth your efforts!

Dentistry without Pain in Minsk

Here, at Family Dentistry Centre, you will find care and delicacy, top quality dental services that are unique to Minsk and even the whole Belarus, and the very responsible well-trained dentists who are worth looking for.

We are practically the only private centre offering dental services under general anesthesia, which makes it possible to treat your teeth without pain - "in your sleep".

We focus on informing patients about the latest diagnostic techniques. We also believe it is important to inform our patients about treatment and rehabilitation services provided by various Belarusian healthcare institutions.

Our goal is to help you!