Dental treatment prices

Type of dental procedure

Price in Belarusian rubles

Price in Euros

‘Turnkey’ Implant (stages 1, 2 & crowns)

from 850 rubles.

from 370

‘Turnkey’ porcelain-fused to metal crown

from 200 rubles.

from 87

‘Turnkey’ ceramic crown

from 650 rubles.

from 283

Intravenous anesthesia or sedation (per hour)

from 78 rubles.

from 34

Baby tooth filling

from 25 rubles.

from 11

Medium caries treatment

from 30 rubles.

from 13

Tooth extraction

from 20 rubles.

from 9

Complex impacted tooth extraction

from 75 rubles.

from 33

Tongue-tie and/or lip releasing

from 45 rubles.

from 20

If you have a toothache, you need to treat your teeth, extract a primary (baby) or impacted tooth (often wisdom teeth), have teeth cleaning, place implants and dentures, you can contact Family Dentistry Centre. If you have dental phobia, you have a unique opportunity to treat teeth under general anesthesia (without pain and fear).

The prices below are a guide, the final price is calculated after a preliminary consultation or an exam and treatment planning (taking into account each individual case and patient's wishes). The prices given in Euros will depend on the exchange rate at the time of treatment.

Payments are made in Belarusian rubles according to the actual price list at the time of payment. Dental treatment prices are the same for Belarusian and foreign patients! Please do not submit an empty query. Make sure to attach your teeth X-ray or a detailed description of the treatment you need!

Prices for general dentistry, prosthetic treatment, implants. You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices:

It may seem strange, but a visit to the dentist strikes fear into most people, even adults. No doctor is as scary as a dentist. The reason for this may be people’s past experience when the quality of dental services was not so high for ordinary people. And when children see their parents being scared of the dentist they are terrified at the very thought of trivial cavity treatment imagining a dentist to be a monster with dental tools. To say nothing of tooth extraction or prosthetic treatment. In these cases, some people endure years of pain from their teeth. And, as a result, they have unattractive smile, abnormal bite, bad breath.

Family Dentistry Centre’s professional dentists help patients overcome fear, treat and restore teeth and surrounding gums under sedation or anesthesia. They also install crowns/dentures and implants. The Centre is licensed to do dental work and equipped with advanced equipment. We offer a customized treatment and anesthesia plan to each patient depending on the complexity of the case and the patient's pain tolerance.

A visit to Family Dentistry Centre will not only prevent dental anxiety in the future, but will also help to have a healthy and beautiful smile. But the question is how much this painless treatment will cost you as the money matter is quite important in our time. The good news is that our dentists not only provide excellent dental care for children and adults, but also charge fair prices. For the guide prices please see above or give us a call. And during your visit after examining your needs the dentist will inform you about the final price.

Prices for Centre’s Dental Services

Since the Centre’s dentists provide services to patients of all ages, the cost of anesthesia and treatment will vary. By the way, Family Dentistry Centre’s attractive prices and highest level of care have won confidence among our patients from both Belarus and other countries where dentistry level is low and prices are high.

Dentistry for Children

Bearing in mind a child’s age (sometimes even babies need help), behaviour and dental needs, the dentist will offer a type of anesthesia for painless dental treatment. As a rule, parents take their child to the dentist to treat cavities, extract baby teeth, and fix an abnormal bite. Most often, dentists recommend general anesthesia when a child feels neither pain nor fear.

An attractive aspect is the fact that most people can afford dental care. For example, intravenous anesthesia will cost about 78 Belarusian rubles (35 Euros). And while a child is under anesthesia the dentist can treat up to 10 teeth depending on the child's age and treatment complexity. That is, parents do not have to pay for anesthesia for the child's each tooth requiring treatment. And here is a twofold benefit: a child does not have unpleasant painful experience and parents can save money. In the future, the adults are very likely to bring their child here, to Family Dentistry Centre, to the dentist who took great care of their child’s teeth.

Dental Treatment for Adults

In addition to general dental treatment provided to both children and adults, the later often need surgical dentistry (implants, tooth preservation procedures, inflammation treatment in the mouth). Following the tooth extraction, the Centre’s patient often has to make a choice whether to place an implant or a crown/denture depending on his or her financial situation and the dentist’s recommendations. Both procedures are performed under anesthesia and are painless thanks to appropriate medications, and without unpleasant experience.

It is no secret that many elderly people (sometimes even middle-aged) are ashamed of their smiles because of unsightly teeth affected by caries or missing teeth in the mouth. And dental fear is not always to blame for this. Such people think of dental treatment as a very expensive procedure. Another important reason is that dentists are not tactful and thoughtful enough to such patients. It happens that the elderly get prosthetic treatment of low quality. Here, at Family Dentistry Centre, our professional team is ready to help in such situations as we care about each patient. At the same time, most people who need help can afford treatment. Unlike many other clinics, Family Dentistry Centre’s main goal is not patients’ money but their dental health.

Dentistry: Prices Do Not Bite

For example, a 'turnkey' implant will cost about 850 Belarusian rubles (410 Euros), and all the procedures are included. This service will be very useful for people who are afraid that fees are not transparent. Sometimes implants are installed badly, and the patient pays a lot of money. Here, at Family Dentistry Centre, you will never get into such a situation. After a thorough examination, a dentist explains to you a treatment plan in details and tells you the final treatment cost.

Of course, we can’t say that the Centre's services are cheap, and there are always people who will think that our prices for painless dental treatment are inflated. But the Centre’s dentists rely on only advanced technology using up-to-date medicines and high-quality materials. Our patients do not risk their lives as dental treatment under anesthesia is safe and carried out by the qualified staff. If a patient has contraindications to anesthesia and sedation, the dentist will explain to him or her all the details.

As you can from the prices and range of services, Family Dentistry Centre’s each patient can make a good decision about their dental treatment and make choices while saving their money and nerves. A person who is afraid of pain at the dentist's (and suffering from pain for a long time) will get the answer to the question: Is there a dental clinic offering reasonable prices and professional treatment under anesthesia? And the answer is Family Dentistry Centre in Minsk.