Dental tourism, also called dental holidays, is now becoming more popular in Belarus. And there is an increasing demand for dental tours among visitors from Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries…

Dental tourism is especially popular among travellers from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

WHY is dental treatment in Belarus so popular?

It's very simple: Belarus has preserved and is improving the quality of its public medical care. And dental treatment in Belarus are much more affordable and accessible than in neighbouring countries. Dental implants, prosthetic preparation and treatment with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and materials, i.e. all kinds of full-circle dental treatment, are now available in Minsk and they are quite inexpensive. The price difference is more than enough to cover the travel and accommodation expenses: you actually have your cake and eat it - get a beautiful smile and enjoy the cultural and historical attractions of Belarus.

The dental tour to Minsk is 2-3 times cheaper (for some treatments even more) than dental treatment in other European countries.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices!

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Prices are a guide; the final price is calculated after a preliminary consultation or an exam and treatment planning (taking into account each patient's medical history and their preferences). The prices given in Euros will also depend on the exchange rate at the time of treatment. Payments are made in Belarusian rubles according to the actual price list at the time of payment.

Belarusian Dentistry, Lower Prices, Higher Quality!

In a competitive market, LLC Medexpert quotes the same prices for Belarusian citizens and visitors from other countries!

Please note that you can get dental treatment under intravenous anesthesia (treatment for children and adults, pre-prosthetic preparation, implant treatment).

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