1. Lack of stress and pain during dental treatment under general anesthesia allows you to create a positive image of the dentist (especially important for small children) and avoid negative feelings about further visits to dentists.

2. The dentist can meet your dental needs more efficiently and at a higher level in a shorter period of time.

3. Both dental treatment and anesthesia are available at affordable prices.

4. No need for hospitalization - treatment is performed on an outpatient basis as the anesthetic effect begins at the moment the drug is infused and ends practically when the drug administration ceases. In 20-40 minutes the patient recovers from anesthesia and is able to move on his or her own.

5. No need to collect various documents and do different tests - the decision to treat under anesthesia (with the patient's/parents’ consent) is made by the anesthesiologist as they can assess the contraindications to anesthesia by themselves.

If you need dental treatment under general anesthesia and have no contraindications, please visit our dental centre.

You do not need to look for a dental clinic for children or adults any longer.

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