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Minsk is a big city with a developed infrastructure. On any day of year and at any time of day, Minsk offers its guests a place to stay. You can find online various hotels, hostels, and a huge number of apartments for rent in Minsk. Family Dentistry Centre cannot describe the whole variety of accommodation options but we can recommend the Minsk most popular hotels and hostels to our patients.

Five-Star Hotels

For those who appreciate comfort, the best options could be:

  • The GROWNE PLAZA, 13 Kirova St, Minsk. The room rates range from 231 (110 EUR) to 319 (160 EUR) Belarusian rubles.
  • The Europe Hotel, 28 Internatsionalnaya St, Minsk. The room rates ranges from 269 (130 EUR) to 319 (160 EUR) Belarusian rubles.

Four-Star Hotels

If you have already decided how to get to Minsk, we can recommend two of the most popular places in this category to you:

  • The Victoria Hotel, 59 Pobediteley Ave., Minsk, room rates from 160 (76 EUR) to 264 (130 EUR) Belarusian rubles.
  • The Minsk Hotel, 11 Nezavisimosti Ave., Minsk, room rates from 161 (76 EUR) to 256 (125 EUR) Belarusian rubles.

Even Closer and Cheaper

In our clinic’s neighbourhood, you can find some inexpensive hotels:

  • The three-star Green City Hotel, 156 Pritytskogo St., Minsk. The hotel provides European-level services, but, of course, excellent service will be quite costly. You can book a room in the price range from 70 (35 EUR) to 115 (52 EUR) Belarusian rubles per day.
  • The Busentsiya Guest House, situated outside Minsk, at 3 Botanicheskaya St, Tarasova village. In comparison with the above-mentioned Minsk hotel, the prices here are lower. The room rate is about 35 Belarusian rubles (16 EUR).
  • Apartments are a reasonable option that will help save your money and the nearest to our Centre are
  • My Sweet Home, 52 Nemanskaya St
  • West End, 6 Nemanskaya St
  • Na Nemanskoi, 2 Nemanskays St

Please know that it is better to book the Minsk best accommodation places in advance, because a large number of guests regularly come to the city and the option you are looking for you can be unavailable. If you want to choose a hostel in Minsk, you could look for them on booking.com and hostelsminsk.by. Here you can choose the best option for you and book rooms for the whole period of your stay in the Belarusian capital.