After general propofol anesthesia, the patient wakes up promptly and feels a little foggy. Patients can open their eyes in 10 minutes, speech restores within the next 3 minutes. After the recovery the patient needs to sleep 30-40 minutes watched by the staff in the presence of an accompanying person (in the recovery room). After sleep the patient has less pronounced dizziness, and consciousness and coordination recover faster (about 40-60 minutes).

During the recovery, some possible side effects from general propofol anesthesia include:

  • very rarely - a temporary loss of consciousness immediately after the treatment;
  • rarely - euphoria, headache, dizziness, shivering and feeling cold, arrhythmia, coughing, sickness and vomiting, fever;
  • often – soreness in the area where the patient was injected.

Family Dental Centre combines general propofol anesthesia with local anesthetic, which allows the use of lower anesthetic doses and consequently minimizes possible side effects and complications. Throughout the treatment, patients can breathe on their own, and the anesthesiologist monitors the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and supports them on a physiological level (regular / normal for the body).

Thus, general anesthesia in dentistry with low propofol doses under supervision of a qualified anesthesiologist minimizes the side effects (short-term) and occurs without significant (long-term) complications for patients.

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