Today dentistry in Belarus is a few steps ahead of the one in some neighboring countries. Prices here are much lower, and treatment quality is of the highest level. However, many people are afraid to come to Minsk and to have their teeth treated because they see Belarus as an "unexplored” area. But this opinion is totally wrong as a lot of CIS visitors have already been to Belarusian clinics and are quite happy with excellent treatment outcomes and affordable prices.

Our clinic is proud to have several regular foreign patients who choose to get dental treatment in Belarus rather than in any other country. However, we are always interested in expanding our customer base, so we will be happy to welcome and help patients from any part of the world. We can assure you that once you visit our Family Dentistry in Belarus, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result and will certainly come to see us again.

Distinctive features of dentistry services in Belarus, prices

The secret of successful treatment in our clinic includes several interdependent aspects that make up a single comprehensive system. Taken together, the latest innovative technology, well-trained specialists, and special techniques shape the service that is attractive and safe.

In their work, our specialists rely on a specific technique, which in general means ‘dental treatment in one’s sleep’. We offer each patient anesthesia that puts them to sleep, and the patient neither watches the treatment process nor feels anything. This type of treatment is suitable for children and adults who are not very happy to visit the dentist. Thanks to this method, dental treatment in Belarus has become popular as it doesn’t take weeks to bring oneself to go to the dentist any longer. The patient simply comes to and leaves the dentistry. They don’t remember the unpleasant period when the very treatment takes place and don’t have a bad mood!

Which dental services does the Belarusian clinic offer?

Our clinic offers our patients to make use of a wide range of services, which can be divided into several types:

  1. Pediatric dentistry is dental treatment in children. This includes pediatric prosthetic treatment, general dentistry, orthodontics. We also offer oral surgery and surgery for newborns.
  2. Implant treatment is a surgical procedure during which a post is implanted into the jawbone.
  3. Prosthetic treatment is the replacement of a lost tooth with an artificial crown by connecting it to the remaining teeth or without. By the extent of defects caused, there are three types of this treatment: fixed, removable, and implants.
  4. Surgery. Today its main role is not to extract but preserve even the most hopeless teeth.
  5. General dentistry. This field studies oral diseases and treats them.
  6. Orthodontics. This section deals with the development, prevention and diagnosis of malpositioned teeth and jaws.

If you decide to receive general or restorative dental treatment in Belarus, you can be sure of the right choice and successful outcomes. Book an appointment with us!

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