Only healthy teeth, snow-white smiles and no toothache.

Dental diseases in children and adults progress differently. Pediatric dentistry considers the influence of all aspects of a child’s development on dental diseases in children.

A pediatric dentist takes into account a child’s medical history, growth and development processes.

When all the baby teeth arrive, we strongly advise you to bring your child to the dentist for teeth examination and oral hygiene. A child who regularly goes to the dentist will always be comfortable with visits to doctors (and not only dentists).

Dental treatment under general anesthesia in Minsk

Parents want to get answers to a number of questions:

Which pediatric dentistry should I take my child to? Where can I get qualified guidance and help? Where will a pediatric dentist be compassionate and friendly? Who will explain to mums how to take care of their children's teeth? Who will tell mums about dental diseases?...

Here, at Family Dentistry you'll get the answers to these and any other questions concerning both general and orthodontics dentistry (bite correction), as well as pain-free tooth extraction.

Our goal is your comfort and comfort of your little sweeties who won’t be scared of the dentist and, with proper dental care, won’t suffer from toothache.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia takes much less time than that under local anesthetic - the dentist is able to work as efficiently as possible. The dental procedures are not interfered with the child's emotions as he or she is fast asleep. The nervous system sensitivity at this time is so low that a little patient does not feel any pain. General anesthesia in dentistry is becoming one of the best options - it allows children to visit the dentist without fear. They won’t be scared of dental treatment and regular check-up visits. Trips to the dentist will also be much easier for parents as thanks to anesthesia they won’t have to talk their babies into visiting a dentist.

Dental treatment under anesthesia in children

One visit is sometimes enough to treat baby teeth under general anesthesia and solve problems with your kids’ teeth efficiently. After such treatment, it is important to visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and teeth cleaning to create positive emotions about trips to a pediatric dentist. And in the future it often won’t be necessary to treat teeth under general anesthetic as a child won’t develop dental fear or phobia.

General anesthetic drugs reduce salivation, increase pain tolerance, and prevent unusual tongue movements, which constantly interfere with dental work - it is very important when placing fillings. The use of general anesthesia makes treatment most efficient.

Another advantage of dental treatment under general anesthesia is lack of unpleasant, painful outcomes after the procedure. You can experience them when treating your teeth without anesthesia or under local anesthesia when an anesthetic drug is injected into the gum.

Nothing will remind your child about visiting the dentist.

Nothing but healthy teeth, snow-white smile and lack of dental pain.

We can treat 10 teeth in an hour’s "sleep"!

Is it as wonderful as it sounds without any minuses? you would ask. It really is. But parents need to follow strictly all the dentist's instructions. Namely, the child cannot eat and drink 3 hours before the procedure. And it is a mandatory rule even for babies. After the procedure, the child need to rest.

If you have any questions, you can discuss them with the anesthesiologist in person during your visit. Only after talking with an anesthesiologist there will be made a decision on the type of anesthesia to be used taking into account the treatment plan and the child’s characteristics.

And of course, such treatment is available for both children and adults!!!

Our Centre’s staff is always happy to help you. You can find pediatric dentistry in Minsk here.

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