The safety of medical care in outpatient settings, including dental care (under general anesthesia or sedation or local anesthesia), is ensured by a number of factors:

  1. The purpose of the place where the treatment is provided – the facilities should be in a healthcare building. This ensures that during its construction or repurposing, all the requirements to interior design are met, dedicated outside airway and separate drainage are installed, all the necessary units are available, etc., which provides a special indoor climate and the possibility of its proper maintenance when the premises are in service.
  2. The staff involved in treatment. The requirements to the staff are also very demanding: the qualification of specialists (both doctors and nurses) should be Board Certified in dental care, First or Highest Category in dentistry; each specialist should have an annual medical check-up.
  3. Sanitary norms and rules ensuring the cleanliness of the premises, equipment, and tools, and systematic microbial monitoring of facilities and control of the sterility of instrumental packs are observed.
  4. Availability of necessary equipment, registered in the medical equipment register of the Republic of Belarus, and its due maintenance.
  5. Application of modern treatment and diagnostic techniques approved by the Ministry of Health of Belarus.

Dental services provision

The premises of Family Dentistry Centre, LLC Medexpert, is located at 67 Nemanskaya st, Minsk:

  • it has the purpose of healthcare facilities, where all the necessary units, including an operating room, are available;
  • all the Family Dentistry Centre’s employees are Board Certified, have First or Higher Category;
  • Family Dentistry Centre regularly carries out routine and deep cleanings and other anti-epidemic activities;
  • it has its own sterilization unit, and sterility monitoring are regularly held;
  • modern equipment is used, and the contract for its maintenance is signed;
  • Family Dentistry Centre’s dentists use the advanced, most effective, and safest methods of treatment and anesthesia.

Thus, Family Dentistry Centre of LLC Medexpert meet all the safety criteria, and treatment under anesthesia in the provided settings is maximum SAFE, which is confirmed by License M-8000 obtained from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus on February 2, 2016 (according to the latest legislation requirements).

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