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Dental treatment and prevention is a prerequisite for having a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Tooth tissue is constantly at risk due to various factors, and visits to the dental clinic today are quite costly. An excellent solution in this situation is dental tourism, which allows you to save on treatment fees and at the same time enjoy various attractions.

Family Dentistry Centre Medexpert.by offers you the most favourable conditions for meeting your dental needs. The clinic’s team are the best specialists who are well reputed among Belarusian patients and patients from neighbouring countries. The dental centre is situated in the heart of Belarus, in Minsk, where you can find amazing imprints of history - museums, monuments, and other attractions.

Belarus Attractions – Sights, Entertainments, and Leisure Activities.

The more popular a clinic is, the more people try to visit it, so it’s often impossible to have a dental appointment on the day of arrival. But do not worry, Minsk is a beautiful city where everyone can find entertainment for their tastes. For example, the Church of St. Simon and Helen is a historical and cultural site in the Republic. It is one of the largest Catholic churches in Belarus. In addition, it is located near the Government Headquarters, so you can see several spectacular buildings at the same time.

Music lovers have the opportunity to visit the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus, where they can enjoy an excellent performance of the greatest legacy of the classical music. A visit to the dentist is usually connected with anxiety and stress, and the Belarusian State Circus will be the best antidepressant. This is just a very short list of Minsk attractions as the city is rich in most interesting museums that keep the sacred secrets of the past.

Minsk Museums

The National Art Museum of Belarus is a real paradise for every lover of paintings. There are more than 27,000 works. Here you can find the rarest pieces of art from Western Europe, Russia, Belarus and Asian countries. The Great Patriotic War ended a long time ago, but modern people still treat our ancestors’ heroic deed with respect. The Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War History in Minsk is the best repository of relics that give a good idea of that terrible time for the Slavic people. You can also visit:

  • Museum of the Belarusian Cinema History;
  • Aviation Museum;
  • Museum of Stones;
  • Central Botanical Garden and many others.

Delicious Food Is a Panacea after Dental Treatment

Minsk restaurants offer a wide range of national and signature dishes. If you have always dreamed to taste creative French dishes, the Grand Cafe is the best place to do it. A great atmosphere, friendly service, and professional chefs will make your evening unforgettable. This restaurant is among the ten best in the city, so you'll for sure have positive impressions.

The Staromestny Pivovar is a place where real draught beer is served, which is not so common today. The main feature is not the product itself but the brewing method as the in-house kitchen is equipped with its own brewery.

Special tourist buses regularly run across the capital. Both human and audio guides are available there. They will readily drive you around the city to see all the unique places. Excursions around Minsk will definitely entertain you before the visit to the dentist, and perhaps, they will make you stay in town a little longer. In addition, the central parts of Minsk are equipped with information boards that help you know your whereabouts. If you get lost, ask people how to get to your destination and they’ll willingly help you.