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Minsk is a very hospitable city where you can buy many exclusive and useful things not only for yourselves but also as a gift for your family and friends. To buy souvenirs in Minsk is both inexpensive and practical. A wide range of goods is available in the city’s shops and street markets where holiday tourists and business travellers can find gifts for their tastes. We have made a list of the most popular things useful in everyday life and for creating an elegant interior of any apartment.

Bison is an All-Time Symbol of Belarus

Figurines of a bison are widely available in Minsk shopping centres due to the popularity of this animal. By the way, a key tourist attraction of Belarus is the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park where you can go after visiting Minsk. There you can see wild animals with your own eye; they are quite sweet creatures, if well fed!

Flax Linen

For a long time Belarus has been growing flax, raw material for one of the most ancient fibres. The largest department store TSUM provides a wide choice of flax linen. The city’s shops offer flax goods of different kinds. They vary from soft and light things to quite coarse items, which is possible due to the special structure of flax and ideal conditions of its cultivation. Here you can find the most creative design clothes with folk embroidery patterns and ornaments, as well as scarves, towels, and others.

Only For Women - Belarusian Brand of Fine Lingerie

Milavitsa is the Belarusian manufacturer, whose unique collection items you can buy in specialized departments of various stores. This lingerie is a perfect gift for your beloved. Or beautiful ladies can in person select appropriate outfits out of goods offered by the factories 8 March, Kupalinka, and so forth.

Minsk Gifts: Straw Goods

It is a very creative and interesting approach to new purchases in the city! Here you can get straw hats, toys, and other souvenirs. They will be a great token of your happy trip and adventurous decoration for your house back home. A good choice for a tourist might be a straw hat, or as it is called in Belarusian "salamyany kapyalyush". Ladies who appreciate beautiful things and those who like to collect things will never miss ornate chests, caskets or boxes. The peculiar style of straw art in Minsk is beautiful straw-incrusted pictures, funny dolls, and amulets.

Belarusian Souvenirs: Ceramics

Clay is one of the most popular and ancient materials in such a beautiful country. Here, local craftsmen have passed down their skills in high quality clay processing from generation to generation. The quality of each pottery piece is unsurpassed: creative pots can withstand the highest temperatures. Milk kept in Belarusian ceramics doesn’t turn sour; children's toys have a soothing effect, and clay musical instruments produce the most melodious sounds.

You can also find a lot of interesting and useful goods in the department store GUM, in the centre of Minsk. When visiting this city, every tourist gets only benefits and finds real bargains!